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Anglicans for Life Summit 2023

January 2023, Washington DC

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 "Life from the Womb to the Tomb." Bogosh will explore what Christians mean when they say, "I believe life begins at conception." It will consider who we are as unique image bearers of the Creator of life and the implications this has on how we understand life, personhood, and death.    

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A 20 minute podcast with Dr. Heidi Klessig, interviewed by AnneMarie Schieber, discussing ethical questions in organ donation

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Past Podcasts

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Dr. Heidi Klessig interviewed by Andrea Schwartz in "How Should a Christian View Organ Transplants?"

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"Ethical Considerations in Organ Donation"

Dr. Heidi Klessig and Marilyn Singleton MD, JD discuss the ethics of organ donation and procurement