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The Respect for Human Life authors regularly speak in live and webinar events, bringing awareness to the ethics of organ donation and the transplant industry. 

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Past Events

Dr. Heidi Klessig 

Brain Death and the New Guidelines

The Dark Side of Organ Harvesting

Webinar featuring Dr. Heidi Klessig

Attendees are eligible to earn up to 1.5 hours of CME credit.


Thursday, May 25, 2023

"Emotional appeals about organ donation ignore what is really going on behind the operating room doors," warns Heidi Klessig, MD in a recent article published by American Thinker. She continues: "The public is being misled while doctors, lawyers, and ethicists continue to debate whether people should be told the truth." 

Topics include: changes to definitions of death and their relevance to trends in organ harvesting; implications for patients, families, and medical professionals; and actions and policies that can be pursued adopt to counter unethical organ harvesting practices.

Faith and Medicine 2023 Conference

Grace Fellowship of South Forsyth

Brave New World: Medicine, Politics & Theology Panel Session

The panelists include noted lecturers and authors who will address the Christian’s view of health and ethics in healthcare. This session seeks to provide practical ideas for protecting your family and promoting just policy between the civil government and the healthcare industry.

The panel will address the science and ethics in conflict over new policies being pushed for euthanasia, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, transgender changes, and more.

Heidi Klessig - MD

Anglicans for Life Summit 2023

Falls Church Anglican Church

 "Life from the Womb to the Tomb." Bogosh will explore what Christians mean when they say, "I believe life begins at conception." It will consider who we are as unique image bearers of the Creator of life and the implications this has on how we understand life, personhood, and death.

Watch the presentation here.

Password: AllLifeIsSacred   

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