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The Brain Death Fallacy - AAPS 80th Annual Meeting Lecture by Heidi Klessig MD
Dr. Heidi Klessig for AAPS
HALO Voice Lecture
HALO Voice Q&A
Featured On

Dr. Klessig was recently featured on "The People's Testaments - With Stephanie Locricchio" on Children's Heath Defense TV

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Not Alone in This Fight

Featured below are other speakers and doctors who have been advocating for the rights of "brain dead" individuals before and alongside us. We find their information equally valuable to make readily available.

Lauris Kaldjian, MD, PhD

Bioethics Lecture | The Problem of Brain Death and the Meaning of Persons

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Dr. Paul A. Byrne

Protect Life Until Death | The Untold Side of Organ Donation and the Truth Behind Brain Death

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