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Those who know Dr. Paul A. Byrne will identify the two hands gently clasping that tiny baby on the book’s cover as his. The picture speaks volumes about Dr. Byrne as a defender of life. After graduating from medical school and becoming a pediatrician, Dr. Byrne became a pioneering neonatologist in the 1960s. His work in neonatology improved the practice of medicine worldwide. However, it would be his conviction to defend life that would become his all-consuming passion. In 1975, Dr. Byrne treated Joseph, a prematurely born baby, who was declared brain dead but was alive and even eventually made a full recovery. Joseph motivated Dr. Byrne to begin the long battle to oppose brain death as a definition of death in the United States. The author, who has been a pro-life laborer with Dr. Byrne throughout the years, has set Dr. Byrne’s life story in the genre of creative non-fiction to engage the reader. Then, with his experience as an editor and writer of numerous books and articles about history, theology, philosophy, and medicine, the author weaves Dr. Byrne’s biography and experiences with influential writings he published throughout his life.

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