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Upcoming Interview with Heidi and Chris about The Brain Death Fallacy

If you are one of 1.7 million registered organ donors in the United States who claims to be prolife and are interested in how the medical industry is using deceptive tactics to redefine death—your death or that of a loved one—this is one program you will not want to miss.  


Dr. Heidi Klessig and Christopher W. Bogosh were invited by the World Power Gospel Radio Community Outreach—Christian Book Author of the Month to engage in an interview about The Brain Death Fallacy. The radio show will air on Saturday, March 09, 2024, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST (more information will be forthcoming). Please mark your calendars!


Most people are not aware that many of the people declared dead today still have signs of life, and they don’t even meet the legal standard of death in the United States. Often, their cause of death is the removal of their vital organs, which are transplanted into numerous others so that transplant centers can rake in billions from Medicare and Medicaid.


The well-funded organ procurement campaign (courtesy of your tax dollars) to recruit organ donors never includes fully informed consent about what it means to be a registered donor. These groups use deceptive tactics that prey on the well-meaning altruism of uninformed people to “give the gift of life” and target young adults who think they are invincible.  


Before you register as an organ donor, you need to know the following facts: 


If you consent to be an organ donor and are diagnosed as “brain dead,” irrevocable organ procurement policies are set into motion to be sure your desire to be an organ donor will be honored. A legally appointed healthcare surrogate, spouse, or family member cannot stop this process, even though you may recover from a brain death diagnosis. 


You will probably be subjected to an apnea test that will cause suffocation (removing you from the ventilator for up to 10 minutes to see whether you will breathe), which can cause further brain damage to an already traumatized brain.

Even though you are declared legally dead by brain death criteria, your heart is still beating, your lungs aerate with the help of a ventilator, and vital body systems continue to function. Pregnant women can gestate babies!


During the surgery to procure your organs (cutting flesh and sawing bone), you are not guaranteed anesthesia to treat objective signs of bodily distress (e.g., muscle tensing, heart rate elevations, and blood pressure increases).


You should also know, most importantly, that some people have recovered with ongoing medical treatment after being declared legally dead by brain death criteria (see our Survivors page).


Bottomline, American policies about the line between life and death are reduced to making judgment calls about who deserves to live—similar to “life unworthy of life” decisions that were made in Nazi Germany for the mentally disabled. The World Power Gospel Radio Community Outreach program will inform and equip its hearers to oppose these evil life-denigrating policies. Be sure to tune in and pass the information on to others!

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